Keen's Principles

About the three pillars

that Keen is built on


The best-practices.
Seamlessly integrated.
The Three Pillars

We built keen on three simple principles, we like to call: embed, enrich, empower. Best practices should be embeded into your workflow, your experience should be enriched by Keen's amazing features and using Keen should empower you to do so much more. These are seamlessly integrated to give you the best experience possible.

Keen logo on a phone.


Embed Icon
Embeded in your workflow

We embed best practices in the way the system works. By doing so, we assist users in adopting these best practices, without feeling constrained by all kinds of rules. For example, we always show the definition of risk components to focus user attention on the meaning of a number, not the number itself.


Enrich Icon
Enriching your experience

By keeping track of changes over time we visualize the progress made. Moreover, the heat map gives an instant overview of the current situation. For example, you will be able to see the average of both business and project risks develop in time.


Empower Icon
Empowering you to do more

Managers will have more data available to make better decisions and provide steering groups with more salient information. For example, a change log allows managers to describe why a risk has changed or register why a risk is accepted. This supports the manager when updating someone about recent developments.