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A unique approach to project management.


A risk driven approach
to controlling projects
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Why risk management?

Whether you are managing a company, a nonprofits, a government organisation, a department or a project, for all apply the same: goals have to be achieved. Proactive risk management can unleash the full potential of an organization to limit threats that keep them from achieving those goals. Read more about or unique philosophy.

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How to approach risk management

If you can get an overview of all risks your organisation and your projects face, you have a central point of view to manage from, so that you can reach your business goals. When we are able to manage the risks, we can reduce the threats to missing our goals and maximise our chances of achieving them.

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The three pillars
we've build on
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We embed best practices in the way the system works. By doing so, we assist managers to adopt best practices without feeling constrained by all kinds of rules.

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By keeping track of changes over time, we visualise the progress made. Moreover, the heat map gives an instant overview of the current situation.

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Managers will have more data available to make better decisions and provide steering groups with more salient information.


Exactly what you need
to empower your workflow
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By using a heatmap and coloring your risks, you are able to get a clear overview of your risks in the blink of an eye. This allows you to focus on the risks that matter most.

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We don’t just use numbers, we look at the meaning behind those numbers. By defining the risk values properly, you can easily see what the real risks are.

Time Tracking

By keeping track of changes over time, we visualise the progress made. Explaining or looking up past decisions has never been so easy.

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Thanks to our powerful, cloud-based software, your work is available at anytime and from anywhere. Keep Keen with you wherever you go.


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Meet the team behind Keen
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The Team

At Keen, we combine years of industry expertise with extraordinary digital innovation. We have industry experts with years of experience in high-stakes projects at various companies. Combined with our team of young, enthusiastic entrepreneurs that excel in digital innovation and UI/UX design, we designed Keen especially for managers.

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Our Vision

We envision a future of risk management where you focus on the creative thinking about the risks, while an Artifical Intelligence software with a beautiful and intuitve user interface will help you keep track of everything. The AI can even assist you in the thinking process of the mapping which risks your company is exposed to.


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