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A risk-driven approach
to controlling projects
Why a risk-driven approach?

Whatever you might be managing, the same applies: goals have to be achieved. We want to be successful in reaching these goals. However, there are all kinds of risks lurking around the corner which could prohibit us from achieving these goals. If we can get an overview of all the risks and actively work to minimise them, then we can maximize the chance of reaching our goals.

We could minimize the risks by starting working based on a risk management approach to tackle these risks. If we can get an overview of all risks our organization and our projects face, we have a central point of view to manage from so we can reach our business goals. When we are able to manage the risks, we can reduce the threats to missing our goals and maximise our chances of achieving them. Welcome to risk-driven project management.

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How it works

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It's all in the Risks

In risk management we aim to make the risks explicit and objective. Fundamental to this is a Risk Tolerance Scheme (RTS) with the definitions of each impact a risk may have and for it to occur, on a chosen scale. The RTS can then be used to make the risks objective when constructing an overview of all the risks. This allows to objectively view which risks are considered unacceptably high by the organisation and which risks are considered low. Which in turn enables us to prioritise the risks and make them more comparable, which is essential during decision making.

Complementary at the core

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Complementary to other approaches

Our philosophy does not compete with other (project)management approaches, rather our philosophy is complimentary. We complement other approaches by shifting more attention to the risk management aspect. Keen is a great addition to any risk- or projectmanagement approach, making your job easier.